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Food & Beverage

/Food & Beverage

Chad Equipment

Sanitizing and pasteurizing equipment: Installation of main cabins, supply line distribution to equipment, mixers, control and power wiring.

CLIENT: SuKarne Lucero de Tlahualilo, Durango 2015.

Heat-shrinking Tubs

System intended for cooling of the product from vacuum packaging; the tub's and conveyor's design allow for heat loss by dipping and temporary exhibition in low temperature water.

CLIENT: SuKarne Lucero Tlahualilo, Durango 2015


Glycol Tempered Floors

Design and installation of Glycoled water pressurized in closed circuit for heat distribution on freezing room floors. It consist of a supply and return pipe divided into separate circuits in order to control consumption and optimize performance. It also includes a main pumping system and automatic monitoring and control of floor temperature.

CLIENT: SuKarne Lucero de Tlahualilo, Durango.

Balanced Food Plant

Assembly and installation for a Balanced Food Plant.

CLIENT: KOFANOR, Obregón, Sonora.

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